Ensuring a modern day education for your child in the best schools of the city entails a very involved journey for parents and the kids, not just, to identify the right school that is the right fit for their little ones, but also, to prepare the little ones to learning and adaptive challenges of the modern day education system.

      Started in 2018, The Tangerine Kids is an Online Convenience Initiative, Facilitating Learning for kids - based on a rental model that brings together the educationist’s experience and parent’s search for the best learning tools, early on in their preparation and search for the apt learning school for their kids.

      The Tangerine Kids provides learning kits in various capacities to the parents of the kids in the age group between Pre-school to Kindergarten. These kits help your kids learn foundational subjects of pre-school to kindergarten segment early on; aiding the adaptability of the kids for subsequent selection of the kids in the schools of your choice and preference.