What is The Tangerine Kids ?
The Tangerine Kids is a toy library based on a rental model. We are an online convenience providing free home delivery.

Why should I rent toys, when I can buy them for my kids ?
" Why buy toys, When you can rent them" is our concept. There are many benefits in renting as children outgrow toys very quickly and also get bored with the same toys. It is not possible to buy innumerable new toys for our kids on a regular basis. Renting is an economical solution as compared to buying. Renting toys enables parents to keep their homes clutterfree while also providing a wide range of toys for their kids.

What benefits do I get by taking membership ?

  • - We are making learning fun for your child.
  • - Free home delivery and Pick Up (Once a week delivery i.e. 4 times a month).
  • - We have more than 600 toys and 400 books.
  • - A full time experienced educator who can guide your children with our learning toys. Meeting with her can be scheduled by prior appointment
  • - Easy to use app will help you choose the toys as per your childs needs
  • - Economical and affordable membership plans
  • - Impeccable service.